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 In an era of corporate restructuring and cost savings as well as global economic realignments why not take advantage of value-for-money business and investment analysis and advice. With a focus on the frontier  markets of East Africa, PK Mwangi Global Consulting provides advisory services to corporations, NGOs, governments, SMEs and group investors ('chamas') on strategy, finance and investment matters.  


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Are you a start-up or SME seeking finance?

We assist start-up firms, early- stage businesses and SMEs draw up business plans that will include a description of their business model as well as a layout of revenue, expense and cash flow projections.

We maintain a database of business angels, venture capitalists, private equity investors and investment clubs (‘chamas’) seeking to  investment in worthwhile businesses. 

For more visit our SME/ Start-up - Investor hub.

Are you an investor seeking a return?

We act as a hub bringing together both investors seeking investment opportunities AND firms (usually  start-ups and SMEs) seeking to access finance from the private market. 

We perform the due diligence that is so critical to ensuring the investor adequately manages his risk of return and within the intended time-frame. We perform this due diligence either on behalf of or in conjunction with the private investor.

For more visit our SME/ Start-up - Investor hub.  

Our Insights

Project Not Feasible? Not so fast! A Black-Scholes perspective

Projects are discarded at the appraisal stage for lack of a business case. By applying NPV or the discounted payback period techniques, projects exhibiting an unduly long payback period or a negative NPV are deemed lacking a business case and therefore not undertaken. This can be a premature decision or wrong decision or both. 

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Global Investment Opportunities: A passive 'buy-and-hold' strategy

  The much-heralded decoupling of the financial markets between developed, emerging and frontier markets met its nemesis in the 2008/9 global financial crisis- The Great Recession. For the believer in a diversified global basket of stocks or indices this came as a crushing blow. This notwithstanding, we still believe that a globally-diversified passive buy-and-hold strategy provides the best chance at maximising net investment return. We test this empirically.

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Identifying corporate failure

  Businesses collapse for a variety of reasons. More often than not the signs of failure appear relatively early on and may be easy to discern for the perceptive observer. However, corporate leadership may simply be in denial or may deliberately suppress the symptoms of failure in an attempt to ‘kick the can down the road’. Here we look at some Critical Failure Factors (CFFs) that indicate the onset of corporate failure and accompanying metrics that should act as a wake-up call to senior corporate management.   

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Corporate Governance 'Unplugged'

Challenges to proper corporate governance emanating from a fast-changing regulatory world and the requirement for timely and accurate performance reporting and disclosure by both shareholders and the competitive market landscape means that corporate leadership is under enormous pressure to deliver within a tightly-confined space. 

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Corporate recovery: the semantics

  Significant impairment of assets may be a prelude to corporate collapse. Accounting standards provide a framework within which to measure this loss of value thereby enabling  key stakeholders engaged in restructuring negotiations make the right calls.

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Easy Pickings on the Nairobi Securities Exchange

     In identifying how to maximise your return as an investor, while keeping the costs to achieving that return at a minimum, we revisit two sets of contrasting investment styles or strategies, namely • value (or contrarian) vs momentum investing, and • active vs passive investing. We combine these two sets of investment styles to derive a hybrid strategy that ensures a maximising of returns on the stock market but at a minimum cost. 

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