About us

Established in 2009 PK Mwangi Global Consulting is a body of management consultants engaged in providing advisory services and business solutions to a cross-section of clients from corporate customers and sophisticated and institutional investors to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), NGOs and governments on finance and investment (asset management) matters as well as in the new cryptocurrecy investment space. 


Internet technology has made possible the contraction of time and space while advancing the frontiers of economic connectivity. From this end we maintain a global focus in meeting the needs of our clients.

Within our Finance mandate we assess clients’ financial performance and offer advice in critical areas of their concern. Other services we offer can be viewed here.

For our Investment clients we conduct research and analysis of financial markets in the region (Kenya and the wider eastern Africa region) to identify investment opportunities and strategies for them and advise accordingly thereby assisting them achieve their investment goals. Click here to view more.

We have recently opened up a service to track , analyse and identify opportunities within the cryptocurrency space. Our views are contained in the featured articles.

Some of our services are provided online, via the internet, in order to save the client the associated office expense and travel costs of having work done on-site. Where we require additional specialized expertise to complete client work, we bring it on-board to meet the needs of the client.

Ultimately, PK Mwangi Global Consulting provides clients with transparent, objective, accurate and timely information well-grounded in economic and finance theory but with a relevance to their long-term finance and investment needs. Working closely with our clients, the emphasis is on maintaining integrity while delivering a value service to them.     


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