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PK Mwangi Global Consulting delivers cutting-edge investment research & analysis as well as investment solutions that combine top-down investment and asset allocation strategies with bottom-up views on single securities and multi- asset portfolios. The focus is on frontier African markets in particular those within the East African region.  

We aim to carry out indepth research and analysis of these East African markets and the companies that operate within them thereby allowing a clear identification of investment opportunities in  well-managed and quality businesses that enjoy sustainable competitive advantage in their marketplace. In addition we attempt to identify value within smaller, less-researched companies that yield attractive returns over time.  

We publish a variety of investment strategy e-articles in which we discuss our investment opinion within a multi-asset class context as well as investment strategy within each asset class. We follow and analyse a significant number of large and mid-capitalisation stocks in East Africa to benefit all types of investment strategies and investors.  

At PK Mwangi Global Consulting we apply research, management and finance skills to present both critical and relevant information to a range of clients- from institutional investors (including investment groups or 'chamas') and sophisticated private investors (high-net worth individuals) to market intermediaries thereby delivering value to them. 

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Service Offering

Alternative Investments

 As investor needs become increasingly complex and sophisticated, alternative investments provide investors with exposure to markets and investment strategies that cannot be accessed through traditional fixed-income and equity markets. We provide qualified or accredited investors, including intermediaries, with information, research materials and expertise in identifying, evaluating and managing best-in-class alternative investment opportunities and determining which alternative investments are the most appropriate for them or their clients. 

Financial Markets

   With an in-depth knowledge of the relevant frontier markets we create investment propositions to assist clients take advantage of either favorable market conditions or respond to an adverse market landscape including falling markets and narrowing returns. Using risk-modeling techniques like VaR, sensitivities, volatily, maximum drawdown, etc. we assist clients identify and seize market opportunities whilst working with our external legal partners to help clients understand and navigate existing regulatory structures. 

Investment Analysis

 To make good investment decisions market participants need a clear picture of the risks, rewards and financial implications of their investments. We support this decision-making process by providing independent and objective financial analysis to qualified or accredited investors and intermediaries from financial feasibility studies and business valuations to executive-level reports highlighting performance ratios, overviews of income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements and key ratio analyses. 

Investment Research

 We offer disciplined investment research for clients in the equity and fixed- income markets and in conjunction with our external partners provide valuable insights into major world currency movements to identify additional investment opportunities. Covering areas such as economics, market dynamics, portfolio strategy , secondary market debt and the relevant securities markets in the major frontier markets of E. Africa our research reports help investors better understand the issues and trends that affect the companies, sectors and industries within them. 

Investment Strategies

  One of the responsibilities of fund managers is to ensure that holdings within their portfolios are working in a cohesive manner without too much overlap and that these do not become overly concentrated towards any geographical region, asset class, sector or investment style. We assist fund managers and other qualified or accredited  investors build investment and wealth management strategies and solutions that are consistent with their (or their clients’) circumstances through a set of well-thought through recommendations.

Macroeconomic Analysis

 To assist qualified or accredited investors meet their investment targets we analyse the market assessing macroeconomic factors like GDP, inflation, interest rates, unemployment, country risk, government fiscal and monetary policies and the impact of all these on market dynamics. By examining the economic numbers we are able to determine the current strength of the market and develop reasonable predictions of the future.  Using predictive tools, proprietary analytical tools and heuristic methods we analyse market trends to identify investment opportunities and advise our clients accordingly.  

Mutual Fund Investments

  When the investor puts his money in a mutual fund, he purchases a portion of a professionally managed investment portfolio. We assist qualified or accredited investors in defining and constructing their mutual funds to take account of the available set of asset classes and also help them design the funds to meet required portfolio needs. We advise on the core holdings that should form the base of these portfolios to innovative strategies that seek to enhance diversification and return opportunities. 

Offshore Investing

  Offshore investing means the placement of investment funds in a jurisdiction other than one’s country of residence. This allows for diversification and cost advantages as opposed to the investor going it alone to invest in individual securities overseas.  We work with qualified or accredited investors and external partners to scour regional as well as global markets for investment opportunities availing possibilities that may not be available in the client’s home country. 

Portfolio Construction

 Taking note of market factors – namely liquidity, regulation, political risk, etc. that may affect valuations of assets we assist clients in constructing their portfolios to take advantage of both buying and selling opportunities. We advise on a combination of investment styles, on the construction of balanced portfolios to derive the maximum benefits of diversification and on identifying securities that are undervalued relative to their prospects.  

Portfolio Management

 Offering consultancy services to qualified or accredited investors we aim to leverage our structured and disciplined research methodology to meet the high level of service demanded by the asset management industry. Our research ethos built on a search for value underpins our belief that assets that are undervalued relative to their current intrinsic values or future prospects will mean-revert to provide return to the investor.  Equipped with an understanding of the unique preferences and needs of each firm looking for investment solutions for their clients we provide professional advice as well as an alternative view to portfolio investment possibilities and outcomes. 

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