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What we do

Alternative Investments

As investor needs become increasingly complex and sophisticated, alternative investments provide investors with exposure to markets and investment strategies that cannot be accessed through traditional fixed income and equity markets. We provide qualified investors with information, research materials and expertise in identifying, evaluating and managing best-in-class alternative investment opportunities and determining which alternative investments are the most appropriate for them or their clients.

Financial Markets

Financial markets refer to the platform where buyers and sellers are involved in the sale and purchase of financial products like shares, mutual funds, bonds, etc. We research these markets and analyse available financial market products and investments and make recommendations to qualified investors.  The process enables our clients optimise their investment plans or those of their clients thereby guiding the achievement of their financial and investment goals. 

Investment Analysis

To make good investment decisions market participants need a clear picture of the risks, rewards and financial implications of their investments. We support this decision-making process by providing independent and objective financial analysis to qualified investors from financial feasibility studies and business valuations to executive-level reports highlighting performance ratios, overviews of income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements and key ratio analyses.

Investment Research

We offer disciplined investment research for clients in the equity and fixed- income markets to identify investment opportunities. Covering areas such as economics, market dynamics, portfolio strategy , corporate debt and securities markets our research reports help investors better understand the issues and trends that affect the companies, sectors and industries within these markets. Our fundamental proprietary research is therefore instrumental in assisting clients in their asset allocation and investment strategy decisions. 

Investment Strategies

One of the responsibilities of fund managers is to ensure that holdings within their portfolio are working in a cohesive manner without too much overlap and that this does not become overly concentrated towards any geographical region, asset class, sector or investment style. We assist qualified investors build investment and wealth management strategies and solutions thereby ensuring these are consistent with their (or their clients’) circumstances and make recommendations as to the underlying investments. 

Macroeconomic Analysis

To assist our clients meet their investment targets we analyse the market assessing macroeconomic factors like GDP, inflation, interest rates, unemployment, country risk, government fiscal and monetary policies and the impact of these on market dynamics. By examining the economic numbers we are able to determine the current strength of the market and develop reasonable predictions of the future.

Using predictive tools, proprietary analytical tools and heuristic methods we analyse market trends to identify investment opportunities and instruct our clients accordingly. 

Mutual Fund Investments

When the investor puts their money in a mutual fund, they purchase a portion of a professionally-managed investment portfolio. The investor’s money is pooled with that of other investors and units held in the fund represent the investor’s share of the fund's investments. We assist qualified investors in defining and constructing their mutual funds to take account of the available set of asset classes and also help them design the funds to meet required portfolio needs. 

Offshore Investing

Offshore investing means the placement of investment funds in a jurisdiction other than one’s country of residence. Offshore investments are fund-based which means investor funds are pooled together and invested jointly. We work with qualified investors and external partners to scour regional and international markets for investment opportunities availing possibilities that may not be available in the client’s home country. 

Portfolio Construction

Taking note of market factors – namely liquidity, regulation, political risk, etc. that may affect valuations of assets we assist clients in constructing their portfolios to take advantage of both buying and selling opportunities. We advise a combination of investment styles, the construction of balanced portfolios to derive the maximum benefits of diversification and identifying securities that are undervalued relative to their prospects. 

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Portfolio Management

Offering consultancy services to qualified investors we aim to leverage our structured and disciplined research methodology to meet the high level of service demanded by the asset management industry. Our research ethos built on a search for value underpins our belief that assets that are undervalued relative to their current intrinsic values or future prospects will mean-revert to provide return to the investor.

Equipped with an understanding of the unique preferences and needs of each firm looking for investment solutions for their clients we provide professional advice as well as an alternative view to portfolio investment possibilities and outcomes.

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Our Research & Analysis

The stock market in two slides


The stock market provides the medium on which the buy-side of finance (those seeking to invest in financial instruments i.e investors) and the sell-side of finance (those seeking to finance their businesses i.e public-listed companies) are brought together.

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Dividend yield or capital growth on the NSE?


We look at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (formerly the Nairobi Stock Exchange) to identify which from a number of strategies- dividend yield, capital growth and total return (hybrid) would produce winning stocks on a consistent basis.

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Easy Pickings on The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)


In identifying how to maximise investor return while keeping the costs to achieving that return to a minimum, we revisit two sets of contrasting investment styles or strategies, namely value (or contrarian) vs momentum investing, and active vs passive investing. We test these on the NSE.

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Assembling a client portfolio: a simplified theoretical perspective


The complexity of a client’s financial affairs will vary according to their age, gender, marital status and other factors. Through a client fact-find the portfolio manager establishes their investment goals, risk profile, investment horizon, ethical framework (if any) in order to draw up a satisfactory investment policy statement.

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The Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE): the case for a buy-and-hold strategy for equity investors


This study aimed to establish, using data over three different annualised time periods between 2007 and 2009, whether an actively-managed portfolio (following either a value strategy or a momentum strategy) would outperform a passive buy-and-hold strategy based on a benchmark index (the NSE-20) on the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE).

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In Kenya not all that glitters is property


As an investor in Kenya you would be forgiven for overestimating the returns on property given the demand for housing that has existed in the market for decades and appears to have no end in sight. However, a deeper look at the investment space involving the whole range of asset classes-from shares, bonds, property and a simple fixed deposit account (cash) reveals rather interesting results. 

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