Startup/ SME seeking finance?

The business plan is a key tool for sourcing finance from both equity investors and commercial lenders. 

We assist start-up firms, early-stage businesses and SMEs draw up a business plan that will include a description of their business model as well as a layout of revenue, expense and cash flow projections.   

We maintain a database of business angels, venture capitalists, private equity investors and investment clubs (‘chamas’) seeking to invest in worthwhile businesses. We, therefore, assist firms seeking private finance, due to an inability to generate the necessary cashflow internally from operations or unable to borrow the required funds from banks, gain access to alternative sources to implement their business plans. This form of private financing is also ideal for firms with a limited operating history and as the financing may come with managerial and/or technical support. 

At PK Mwangi Global Consulting we perform the necessary due diligence that is so critical to ensuring the investor adequately manages his risk of return and that within the intended timeframe. We perform this due diligence either on behalf of or in conjunction with the private investor. As a result, investments contained within our database have indeed undergone a thorough vetting process and satisfy us as to the level of their medium- to long-term viability. 

Using intuitive risk-assessment techniques that include a study  of current financial and economic data and their future trends we test for the robustness of the business plan projections to deliver a reasonable degree of  certainty about future performance.