Seminars & Workshops


PK Mwangi Global Consulting offers training workshops to SME and corporate staff in a number of areas with an aim to developing management and client staff skills-set making them more effective at the workplace. As well as the obvious productivity benefits such training signifies a long-term investment in employee well-being. The firm has invested time and effort towards providing a service that is both efficient and cost-effective for clients of all sizes. Our aim is to become a business partner by providing information that facilitates skills development and enhances employee buy-in.

In addition and in conjunction with external partners, we conduct seminars and workshops on topical issues in educational colleges and on public forums. The aim of this is to shed light on critical business and investment areas that are of interest to the business community as well as investors both institutional and private. Held jointly with our external partners these forums also give participants the opportunity to interact on a range of business, finance and investment topics with our key leadership and investment professionals. The programs also ensure that participants have time to interact with their peers and to learn from others' experiences.