sme finance

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Walt Disney

For SMEs, obtaining and securing the right source of finance can present a major challenge. For a business seeking finance it may not always be clear what type of finance is most appropriate- incurring debt or selling an equity stake in the business. Other financing options will include overdrafts, leasing, invoice discounting and supplier finance.  

Business owners also need to turn their business proposition into a pitch that sums up the business and where the growth will come from which can then be used to approach potential lenders and investors. By assisting our clients prepare a solid business plan this allows potential lenders and investors understand the vision and goals of the business, the risks inherent in them and the impact of any deviation from the plan projections. Our proprietary tools ensure that the financial projections arrived at remain realistic and that the business case for the funding is defensible.  

Therefore, at PK Mwangi Global Consulting we do not only help SMEs identify the best financing option for them but also support them in turning their business propositions into attractive investible opportunities. Our aim is to assist the client identify credible and committed investment partners able to provide finance that is structured to the needs of their business.