A strategy delineates a territory in which a company seeks to be unique. Michael Porter

Strategic planning helps identify organisational direction as well as looking at how the firm can gain or retain a sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals while at the same time relating its organisational resources and competences to its macro- environment. However, in a fast-changing world, strategy formulation can become a complex process with decisions made on a current basis only playing out in the future and becoming impacted by exogenous factors.  

Within this context PK Mwangi Global Consulting aims to work in partnership with clients to identify strategies that lead to improved future business and financial performance. The focus is on turning client companies into high performance firms (by identifying key macro-environment factors that impede optimal performance) while assessing internal resource use and the utilisation of firm competences.  

PK Mwangi Global Consulting thus relies on not only research but also a process of economic and strategy modelling to identify macro- and company-specific factors that are critical in improving business performance and strengthening client market position. Through this process well-grounded strategies are identified that ensure successful employee buy-in and implementation as well as improved overall client performance in line with the client's long-term goals.  

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Service offering

Business Plan

   We assist firms draw up a business plan that will include the financial modeling of revenue and free cash flow projections. The business plan will include a plan of action supported by identified CSFs and accompanying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to the industry the client find themselves in.  

Business Process Improvement

By challenging the inefficiencies and complexities of the client’s business model we assist them eliminate both non-value adding activities and duplication of process and/ or redundancies as well as manage gaps or disconnects within their business process(es); ultimately ensuring they gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Competitor Analysis

  We conduct an in-depth analysis of the client’s competitive space and develop recommendations with the client on how to move ahead of the competition and develop the best possible value-for- money product and/or service offer. This helps them close the gap between themselves and where they want to be. 

Cost Deployment

We work alongside our client in both redesigning their organisation’s structure to best fit its mission and strategy and in improving operations and performance through a range of capabilities and leading-edge approaches. Through these practices we are able to precisely address the company's problems and optimise processes to make best use of existing assets.  

Growth Strategies

We partner with our clients to develop and execute growth strategies that aim to boost revenue, grow market share and enhance competitive advantage. This is achieved chiefly through the introduction of new products and services to the market, entering new customer segments and expanding into new regional markets. 

Market Analysis

   Applying economic models to the client firm and the market we aim to develop a deeper understanding of the client business and its environment. The approach is holistic in nature analysing and assessing the internal state of the client and the exogenous factors of competition, industry and market to better develop a competitive edge and identify value-adding opportunities. 

New Business Development

     We work with our clients to improve and leverage their strengths to capitalise on market opportunities, identify synergies between existing and new business opportunities and ensure future business can sustain long-term growth and profitability.  

Regional Expansion Strategy

Whether it is M&A, strategic alliances, franchising or joint ventures we assist clients map out a strategy that considers risks and challenges provided by new or existing competition whilst taking advantage of opportunities in the region. 

Scenario Planning

We assist client management be better prepared for rapid trend shifts and sudden market developments. Engaging the full spectrum of client stakeholders to tap all the available knowledge we channel this into scenario preparation encompassing both an assessment of long-term trends and short-term expectations in key business areas. 

Strategy Formulation

 We work with our clients to diagnose their business and quantify scope for improvement helping client leadership identify and assess possibilities to select the strategy, with the strongest potential, to target and hence deliver value. The process will encompass formulating vision and mission statements whilst building a framework to evaluate possible strategies. 

Strategy Implementation

   Our strategy implementation approach allows the client assess their implementation readiness, identify the key areas to tackle and most importantly take the right actions on a day-to-day basis that will deliver long-term performance. We therefore work side by side with clients to ensure effective execution of agreed plans as well as track progress against specified benchmarks. 

Strategy Review

 Our strategy review will typically comprise a reassessment of external factors through the eyes of the client’s customers thereby allowing conclusions to be made on whether current strategies are on track to meet client long-term goals.   

More Research & Analysis

Aligning Strategy to financial performance- a critical survival issue.

Strategic planning gives organisations direction. By first setting a goal and then choosing a strategy to get there, organisations get organised. It therefore directs attention to the future allowing managers to take a more long-term view and stimulating them to prepare for or even create the future. 

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